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#542 26/01/2018 PS47 Patience-Taxing Forms
#541 04/01/2018 Weakforms (xxiii) take, than, that, the, them, then, their, they’re, there
#540 21/10/2017 Your Nonagenarian Bloggist
#539 04/09/2017 People Speaking 46 An Unacceptable Gift
#538 24/08/2017 Weakforms (xxii) shall, shd, shdn't, shdn've, so, somebody, somehow, somewhat, something, sort-of, such, suppose, sure
#537 12/07/2017 People Speaking 45 The Festive Season
#536 14/06/2017 Weakforms (xxi) particularly, per, perhaps, probably, really
#535 09/06/2017 How Shakespeare Spoke
#534 13/03/2017 People Speaking 44 A la Australienne
#533 24/02/2017 Somethink Puzzling
#532 10/02/2017 Weakforms (xx) nobody, no-one, nor, obvious(ly), on, or, our
#531 01/02/2017 People Speaking 43 Unsung Newsreaders
#530 30/01/2017 Hypocorisms
#529 13/01/2017 People Speaking 41 News at When?
#528 02/01/2017 Weakforms (xix) Let, Mrs, Monday, my
#527 29/12/2016 Names for a Dictionary
#526 24/12/2016 Hobby Horse
#525 06/12/2016 DOP by RAI
#524 22/10/2016 Some Nonsense Verses
#523 23/08/2016 Statistics Can't Lie. People Speaking 42
#522 10/08/2016 Weakforms (xviii) madam, many & me
#521 01/08/2016 People Speaking 40 Englishman in Russia
#520 17/07/2016 People Speaking 39 Name Dropper Model transcription with intonations.
#519 16/07/2016 Weakforms (xvii) it, January, just
#518 29/06/2016 No Glory for the Lory Tone contours for ‘I beg your pardon’.
#517 09/05/2016 People Speaking 38 Film Critics Model transcription with tone marks.
#516 03/05/2016 Weakforms (xvi) I, if, I'll, I'm, in(to) On their various weakforms.
#515 26/04/2016 A Peculiar New Pronunciation Dictionary On CUBE, a new online dictionary.
#514 18/04/2016 People Speaking 37 Discord Model transcription with tone marks.
#513 16/04/2016 Early Spelling Reform Alexander J Ellis’s interest in it.
#512 25/03/2016 KEYWORDS for English OED lexical sets & word frequencies
#511 09/03/2016 Weakforms (xv) hundred On ‘hundred’ in its weakforms.
#510 01/03/2016 Discussion of People Speaking 36 Discussion of model transcription.
#509 15/02/2016 Eating Choices People Speaking 36 Model transcription with tone marks.
#508 11/02/2016 Weakforms (xiv) him Examples of variants.
#507 27/01/2016 Pronunciation Matters People Speaking 35 Model transcription with tone marks.
#506 19/12/2015 OED Gets Great New Features Word frequencies & Audio newly added.
#505 20/11/2015 Intonational Considerations Intonation of a particular sentence.
#504 24/09/2015 Words with Changing Stresses Stresses of contribute, controversy, kilometer.
#503 23/08/2015 A Trifling Detail of Orthography PS 48 Model transcription with tone marks.
#502 07/08/2015 Variant Word Forms Smoothing, reduction & compression.
#501 28/07/2015 Journalists under Fire PS 34 Model transcription with tone marks.
#500 11/07/2015 English Phonetics from Spain (ii) More items reviewed in brief.
#499 07/07/2015 English Phonetics from Spain (i) On English Phonetics ed. R. Monroy.
#498 26/06/2015 Take-Off of Pilot PS 33 Model transcription with tone marks.
#497 16/06/2015 GB not come by in England ‘RP’ Speakers in Scotland, Wales & Ireland.
#496 25/05/2015 Mooching and Mi(t)ching On the words 'mooch' and 'mi(t)ch'
#495 02/05/2015 Suburban Supershopping PS 32 Model transcription with tone marks.
#494 24/03/2015 Sounds Interesting Review of extracts from J C Wells’s blog.
#493 19/03/2015 Weathermen PS 31 Model transcription with tone marks.
#492 20/01/2015 The Roach Heresy A departure from phonemic transcription.
#491 04/12/2014 Foreign Place Names (ii) Brno, Trnovo, Jerez, Cadiz, Vladivostok etc.
#490 11/11/2014 SSB versus GB Two successors to the term ‘RP’ compared.
#489 15/10/2014 Pussy Car PS 30 Model transcription with tone marks.
#488 14/10/2014 English Accents R-keeping/dropping, ash-keeping, h-dropping.
#487 10/10/2014 The Walsh Stratagem Crafty creation of the happy vowel [i].
#486 25/09/2014 Foreign Place-Names (i) Bombay/Mumbai, Madras/Chennai etc.
#485 11/09/2014 Insomniac PS 29 Model transcription with tone marks.
#484 08/09/2014 Northern-Irish Place-Names Antrim, Ardoyne, Cromlech, Stormont etc
#483 20/08/2014 Clear Communication An extremely ‘wacky’ blog.
#482 13/08/2014 Prime Minister v King EFL item from drama House of Cards.
#481 05/08/2014 Argument on Accents PS 28 Model transcription with tone marks.
#480 30/07/2014 From KIT to Schwa Weakening of non-word-final /ɪ/ to /ə/.
#479 19/07/2014 Perceptions of Pitches Interpreting pitch traces of speech.
#478 13/07/2014 Consonant Duplications How we say eg ‘Prime Inister’etc.
#477 02/07/2014 A Bucketful of Phonemes Fun Hyacinth Bucket. Dodgy transcriptions.
#476 28/06/2014 Hullo! Deciding between /hᴧlləʊ/ and /hᴧləʊ/.
#475 23/06/2014 Beginning of Term PS 27 Model transcription with tone marks.
#474 16/06/2014 Beverley Collins 1938-2014 Obituary on a fine phonetician.
#473 11/06/2014 Welsh Place-Names Strange spellings & pronunciations.
#472 04/06/2014 Scottish Place-Names concluded Lerwick, Lossiemouth, Peterhead etc.
#471 30/05/2014 The Holy Oral Method PS 26 Model transcription with tone marks.
#470 28/05/2014 Intonational Ambiguities Slightly disquieting tag questions.
#469 22/05/2014 Scottish Place Names Auchinlek, Ballantrae, Culloden, Sauchiehall etc.
#468 06/05/2014 Ash and Bush Keepers Accents with /a / in bath and /ʊ/ in cup.
#467 04/05/2014 20th Century English Phonetics (ii) This monumental set of reprints again.
#466 29/04/2014 Weakforms (xiii) He On its variant with dropped aitch.
#465 25/04/2014 BBC English PS 25 Model transcription with tone marks.
#464 23/04/2014 20th Century English Phonetics (i) Afzelius’s 1909 EPD precursor.
#463 21/04/2014 Intonation/Accentuation Points On intonations of questions and ans·ers.
#462 18/04/2014 Festschrift for Professor Hyun Bok Lee Tributes to the great Korean phonetician.
#461 01/03/2014 Alan Cruttenden's Gimson 8th Edition An innovative revision and enlargement.
#460 13/08/2013 Hangover Lodge PS 24 Model transcription with tone marks.
#459 06/08/2013 The last vowel of Elizabeth Reader asks is it KIT or Schwa in England.
#458 29/07/2013 Dictionaries A very short introduction Lively Lynda Mugglestone book.
#457 11/07/2013 Welcome EP Tips. Welcome EP Tips.
#456 28/06/2013 More on Weakforms (xii). Of going, gonna, good, goodbye, got, have.
#455 26/06/2013 GB goat and bolt Vowels. On their recent varying values.
#454 19/06/2013 Charting Vowels. Geoff Lindsey challenges current ideas on GB.
#453 13/06/2013 On Fall-Rise Tones. On these English tones’ representations etc.
#452 10/06/2013 On Beijing etc. ‘Correct’ versus ‘normal’ pronunciations.
#451 07/06/2013 Another Idiosyncratic Pronunciation. Shd Boleyn sound diff·rent from Berlin?
#450 27/05/2013 English Urban Winter PS 23 Model transcription with tone marks.
#449 10/05/2013 Derby and Similar Words. GA Clerk,Berkley etc ≠ GB except sergeant.
#448 01/05/2013 Weakforms (xi). Of anybody, anyone etc, certainly, clothes etc.
#447 27/04/2013 John Baldwin. A pioneer of forensic phonetics.
#446 25/04/2013 A Comprehensive New Edition. Reviews leading book on EFL undergrad phonetics.
#445 23/04/2013 The Wells Standard Lexical Vowel Sets. Scheme of English vowels keywords that went viral.
#444 23/04/2013 A Text-to-Speech Facility. Messages understood despite mis-accentuations.
#443 14/04/2013 A Notorious Estimate. Dodgy claim only 3% of UK speakers use ‘RP’!
#442 10/04/2013 IPA Transcription 1900. Sweet symbols copied by Daniel Jones.
#441 26/03/2013 More on Weakforms (x). On area, being, been, before, between,borrowing, but.
#440 20/03/2013 Dogs must be carried. Potentially comic ambiguous prosodies.
#439 18/03/2013 A Brief Conversation. A fragmentary conversational exchange.
#438 11/03/2013 Accent Shift. Alternating more & less prominent syllables.
#437 21/02/2013 The GB air/square phoneme. The frequency of GB /ɛː/ versus /ɛə/.
#436 17/02/2013 Weakforms (ix) am, an, and, any etc On those of am, an, and, any, are & as.
#435 11/02/2013 Minimally Different Words. Jn Higgins’s ‘light-hearted tour of minimal pairs’.
#434 03/02/2013 Accenting of a Compound Word. The stressing of words like ‘forest fire’.
#433 27/01/2013 John L. M. Trim. Phonetician guider of Europe’s Language Policy.
#432 09/01/2013 Comparison of Transcriptions. The speech of a one time BBCtv news presenter.
#431 24/12/2012 Weakforms (viii). Reductions like /ɪ`zakli/of exactly.
#430 11/12/2012 The GB goat vowel before co-syllabic /l/. Is[ɒʊ] in goal, as claimed, 'unlocalisable'?
#429 01/12/2012 Another Hardy Poem. Contains Latin quoted as in the oldest tradition.
#428 23/11/2012 Superstrongforms and 'actually' etc. On various forms of absolutely and wholly etc.
#427 10/11/2012 The Higgins Boast. Shaw's wild exaggeration of phoneticians’ powers.
#426 28/10/2012 A Poem by Thomas Hardy. With his impressions of accents of the British Isles.
#425 27/10/2012 Weakforms (vii). bedroom, can, come, could, couldn’t.
#424 19/10/2012 "Received Pronunciation" re-traversed. On terms suggested as replacements for ‘RP’.
#423 04/10/2012 R Dropping(ii). In f·ustration, p·escription, p·ogramme, sec·etary etc.
#422 24/09/2012 Weakforms (vi) BY. by, bye, bye-bye.
#421 22/09/2012 Clear Speech. Clear Speech in the USA.
#420 17/09/2012 Weakforms (v) BECAUSE. The variants of a high-incidence word.
#419 08/09/2012 Baneful Boxes. CEPD18 receives dumbing down inserts.
#418 07/09/2012 Weakforms (iv). On able, almost, always, anybody & anyway.
#417 29/08/2012 A Fry-Hockney Dialog. Famous painter transcribed talking with actor.
#416 21/08/2012 A Gold Medal Transcription. Transcription selfie by bloggist Alex Rotatori.
#415 15/08/2012 Weakforms (iii). Henry Sweet & Daniel Jones on weakforms.
#414 09/08/2012 IPA versus Respelling. IPA symbols vs adapted traditional spellings.
#413 30/07/2012 Long and Short Vowels. Can English vowels be termed long or short?
#412 23/07/2012 Triphthongs and the EFL User. The English so-called ‘triphthongs’.
#411 17/07/2012 Advanced Reading/Transcription. Realistic dialog by Iris Murdoch.
#410 14/07/2012 Weakforms (ii) Strest Schwas in tags Examples from tv dramas etc.
#409 13/07/2012 Specimen of English with Intonation. Better text than the traditional IPA specimen.
#408 12/07/2012 A Statue of Venus. On callipygous & its pronunciations.
#407 09/07/2012 A Specimen of British English The IPA language specimen text again.
#406 25/06/2012 Smoothing and Compression On the history of the terms.
#405 18/06/2012 A Transcription from Alex. EFL-teaching-specimen blog discussed.
#404 24/05/2012 Adumbration of Gradation. Early history of English weakforms.
#403 19/05/2012 Weakforms (i) "and". The most frequent English word of all.
#402 16/05/2012 New Dialog for Reading Aloud. For use by advanced EFL students.
#401 14/05/2012 Function-Word Weakforms. able, it’s, new, sort-of & they’re.
#400 09/05/2012 Defining the Term Weakform. A relatively neglected subject.
#399 03/05/2012 Weakforms not WEAK FORMS. The meaning of the term.
#398 30/04/2012 Advanced Reading Aloud. On specially idiomatic prosodies.
#397 23/04/2012 Other Overlookt Weakforms. Neglected forms of were, nearly & only.
#396 20/04/2012 Weakforms' Existence Questioned. Are there weakforms of couldnt & shouldnt?
#395 18/04/2012 Faded Forms of 'PRICE'. Time & tide spoken like ‘tame’ & ‘tade’.
#394 16/04/2012 Comments on a Transcription.
#393 11/04/2012 Some New Pronunciations.
#392 08/04/2012 The Air/Square Diphthong. Has it been superseded by /ɛː/ in GB?
#391 03/04/2012 A Sample of Spontaneous GB BBC Radio 3 presenter Patricia Hughes.
#390 26/03/2012 Geoff Lindsey's Great Quiz Ear-Training Quiz for EFL.
#389 23/03/2012 A Patricia(n) Accent Patricia Hughes’s pronunciation again.
#388 21/03/2012 GB Phoneme Frequencies
#387 19/03/2012 The Unique Word 'threepence'
#386 24/02/2012 Understanding Phonetics Excellent new university-introductory-level book.
#385 22/01/2012 R Dropping (i) /r/ lost in program, infrastructure, prescription etc.
#384 20/01/2012 Polyphons
#383 10/01/2012 Rants on Odd Pronunciations
#382 08/01/2012 Spelling Pronunciations (ii) A term unknown before the 20th century.
#381 06/01/2012 Big Deal On the phonetic conveying of sarcasm.
#380 03/01/2012 An Accentuation Exercise Jn Maidment’s question ‘Where’s the tonic?
#379 02/01/2012 Spelling Pronunciations (i) Referred to unsuitably snobbishly.
#378 22/12/2011 EFL Pronunciation Symbols (iii) GB & GA symbols in dictionaries yet again.
#377 21/12/2011 EFL Pronunciation Symbols (ii) GB & GA symbols in dictionaries again.
#376 16/12/2011 EFL Pronunciation Symbols (i) GB & GA symbols in dictionaries etc.
#375 05/12/2011 Innovative Pronunciations (ii) Pronunciation of provenance if arty Frenchified.
#374 03/12/2011 Innovative Pronunciations (i) Pronunciations of innovative including in`novative.
#373 29/11/2011 Looking Speakers in the Face A useful device. Homophenes.Solutions to 372.
#372 24/11/2011 Anomalous Tonic Assignments Idiomatic accentuations eg get on like house on fire.
#371 15/11/2011 Another Advanced Transcription David Deterding's Boy who cried “Wolf”.
#370 13/11/2011 Spellings in these blogs How I use unorthodox spellings.
#369 12/11/2011 Advanced Transcription Better version of ‘The North Wind and the Sun’.
#368 11/11/2011 The Pron. of GOVERNMENT Diff·rent lexicographers’opinions.
#367 09/11/2011 OAAD Transcriptions Advanced Learner's Dictionary $ style.
#366 28/10/2011 A New Edition of EPD Notable new GA editor and some novelties.
#365 26/10/2011 Intonation of Contradictions Falls may sound crushing. Not so rises.
#364 12/09/2011 Systems for Transcription of GB Interesting but marred by misprints.
#363 09/09/2011 Flogging the dead horse of "RP" Originally ineptly titled ‘RP’ attacked.
#362 06/09/2011 Fantasy Vocal Physiology Brains Trust guy nutty on voice production.
#361 29/08/2011 GB for Latin America South American suggests we teach Cockney.
#360 28/08/2011 'RP' Dead but won't lie down? The Radio 4 program on ‘RP again’.
#359 21/08/2011 SID Reinvigorated Jn Maidment's Speech Internet Dictionary revised.
#358 19/08/2011 The Guessing of Stressing Some GA/GB contrasts in word stressings etc.
#357 12/08/2011 RP RIP? BBC Radio 4 farrago of trivialities on 'RP' .
#356 28/07/2011 Disputable pronunciations Non-agreed pronunciations of many kinds.
#355 25/07/2011 Less Common Assimilations (ii) More examples including /`ӕpsəluːt / absolute.
#354 21/07/2011 Less Common Assimilations (i) A type not quite unique to Yorkshire.
#353 12/07/2011 Comparative Intonations Performances of readings discussed.
#352 06/07/2011 GB Phonetics for Spanish-Speakers New edition of Brian Mott’s fine textbook.
#351 05/07/2011 Phonetics Teacher's Confessions (i) Some bio data on your bloggist
#350 28/06/2011 M or N - New Perceptual Puzzle Optimism on audiblity of speech sounds
#349 21/06/2011 ACCEPT /ɪ/ a changed pronunciation Almost never now as /əksept/.
#348 14/06/2011 Reductions of GOING TO We see ‘gonna’ but what about /ɡənu/?
#347 07/06/2011 Curious Pronunciations Centring diphthongs monophthongised.
#346 01/06/2011 Phonetic Symbol Names E.g. ash, eng, esh, ess, eth, ezh, wedge, wynn, yod.
#345 30/05/2011 More on Elisions of Ell alright, bugger, colonel, fault, goalless, really.
#344 27/05/2011 Elisions and Insertions of Ells alms, calm, half, salmon, walk, would, vulnerable.
#343 21/05/2011 The GB Diphthongs /ɪə/ etc agen E.g. here as [hɪː] gourd as [ɡʊːd].
#342 16/05/2011 Ticklish Words (vii) ATTITUDE attitude, Tuesday & tune ± /j/ or /ʧ/.
#341 12/05/2011 A Festschrift for John Wells By the English Phonetics Society of Japan.
#340 20/04/2011 Ticklish Words (vi) SCHEDULE US & UK Variations
#339 10/04/2011 Ticklish Words (v) SCONE With LOT or GOAT?
#338 08/04/2011 The Affirmative AYE A lost GB distinction.
#337 04/04/2011 Ticklish Words (iv) NEITHER Two-way vowel choice.
#336 30/03/2011 Ticklish Words (iii) HARASS How GB came to change it.
#335 22/03/2011 AITCH Dropping and Restoring
#334 14/03/2011 Ticklish Words (ii) GARAGE Like fuselage or carriage.
#333 11/03/2011 Ticklish Words (i) APPLICABLE et cetera Tales of tottering stresses.
#332 07/03/2011 GB Phoneme Symbols Changed preferences of representation.
#331 13/02/2011 An Auditory Perceptual Puzzle How did David Attenborough say lemur?
#330 08/02/2011 Catching Spoken Words Thank heavens for subtitles.
#329 02/02/2011 Re-Occurring Content Words GB avoidance of accenting them.
#328 31/01/2011 Demarcation Revisited The GB/non GB borderline.
#327 25/01/2011 Evolving English concluded Final comment on the British Lib·ry event
#326 23/01/2011 More on Evolving English Misconceptions re BBC policies.
#325 12/01/2011 The Name Nancy STORACE
#324 06/01/2011 Evolving English Pronunciation A British Library Exhibition
#323 29/12/2010 More on the Queen's Speech Versions of always, only, Jesus, required etc.
#322 27/12/2010 An Obsolescent Pronunciation
#321 24/12/2010 Words Like LAUNCH
#320 19/12/2010 OED3 Phonetics Symbols in the current fashion.
#319 13/12/2010 The New-Look OED Great improovments but various infelicities.
#318 02/12/2010 Remembering PHILIP LARKIN Transcriptions etc of his readings of two of his poems.
#317 30/11/2010 Defining and Delimiting an Accent On criteria for specifying an accent.
#316 28/11/2010 Questions on Vowel Diagrams What exactly they represent.
#315 19/11/2010 Some Deep South Usages
#314 14/11/2010 Pronunciations of Aung San Suu Kyi Numerous variations in how it's to be heard.
#313 10/11/2010 Questions about Accenting Some acute enquiries ans·ered
#312 08/11/2010 Pronunciations of DAVID ATTENBOROUGH Detailed comments on his usages.
#311 26/10/2010 A New Word on Me The word was ‘non-refoulement’.
#310 25/10/2010 Pronunciation Lexicography Discusses treatment of loanwords.
#309 20/10/2010 Accents in HAPPENINGS Stress placements in eg ‘The kettle’s boiling’.
#308 19/10/2010 An Idiosyncratic Pronunciation Problems we have with certain types of words.
#307 12/10/2010 English Transcription Editor Automatic phonetic transcription of texts not perfect.
#306 07/10/2010 Prosodic Problems for EEL
#305 30/09/2010 Less noted Assimilations
#304 28/09/2010 Free Spelling English spelling reformers’ headaches.
#303 25/09/2010 Questions on Commands Tentative ans·ers to some tricky questions.
#302 24/09/2010 Rational Spellings English spelling matters
#301 23/09/2010 The GB pronunciation of ONE Rhyming ‘one’ with ‘gone’ is a regionalism.
#300 22/09/2010 The Pn of the word ROOM GB now most usually rhymes with ‘doom’.
#299 21/09/2010 More Phantom Wyns The /w/ that at times we seem to hear in ‘co-operate’.
#298 20/09/2010 That'll teach you A peculiar apparently opposite meaning.
#297 18/09/2010 The Institutional Term RP By Daniel Jones it became clearly institutionalised.
#296 17/09/2010 Some Phantom Wyns and Yods Does ‘heroine’ contain a /w/? Or ‘piano’ a /j/?
#295 07/09/2010 EFL Phonetics at Singapore Ten-year-olds learn phonetic transcription there!
#294 05/09/2010 Barbados Puzzling final syllable. Plural or not?
#293 05/08/2010 Transcription Exercise Solution With a lot of surprises for most students.
#292 04/08/2010 Bits of Linguistic Jokery Authorship puns and Knock-Knocks
#291 03/08/2010 A New Transcription Exercise This is def·n·tly for advanced students.
#290 01/08/2010 The Pronunciation of 'ENGLISH' How it comes to not be spelt ‘Inglish’.
#289 31/07/2010 An Unremarked Elision About various ‘ghost’ [sic]
#288 27/07/2010 Accentual Idioms Warning of info left out of online dictionary versions.
#287 16/07/2010 Falling plus Rising Tones Examples of uses of Fall-Rise tones.
#286 10/07/2010 What say you? The meanings of expressions like‘Will you be quiet?’
#285 09/07/2010 Absent thee fr·m Rhoticity a While On senses of the word ‘rhotic’.
#284 08/07/2010 The Spelling th Tendencies to make it /θ/ not /ð/.
#283 06/07/2010 Once Dubitable Items On seeing a tv subtitle /ɪn`djuːpɪtəbli/.
#282 28/06/2010 Voiceless to Voiced PreAssimilations So many words’ve turned their /s/ into a /z/.
#281 27/06/2010 Northernisms of Sorts On some examples of North-of-England usages.
#280 25/06/2010 A Question on Stress Patterns On the accenting of expressions like ‘one day’.
#279 16/06/2010 A Question on English Intonation The diff·rence between 'That’s ˏright & ˌThat’s ˎright.
#278 12/06/2010 Hist'ries of Some Contractions Dictionaries omit some very common pronunciations.
#277 09/06/2010 Alleged Mouth Mayhem No wonder we get names with bad spellings ‘wrong’.
#276 31/05/2010 The Pronunciation of Spouses Is the final <s> in spouse zed or ess?
#275 29/05/2010 Words spelt MERCHANDISE etc Another ans·er too complex to give in short.
#274 26/05/2010 Replacing an Outdated Term The decline of the term 'RP'.
#273 22/05/2010 Memories of Language Do we remember rhythms better than sound qualities?
#272 20/05/2010 Inogolo on Spoken Names Searchable data on names less than comprehensive.
#271 17/05/2010 Linking and Intrusive r's Biased term 'intrusive' r deplored.
#270 10/05/2010 Diphthongs in Dictionaries Vowel sequences variably diphthongs and not so.
#269 09/05/2010 British Vowels Acoustic Data Phonetic and phonological variation in the Britain.
#268 04/05/2010 Rounding of the NURSE vowel A notable development in the English of South Wales.
#267 02/05/2010 Unusual Initial Consonants Shakespearian ’slight must be /zlaɪt/ etc.
#266 27/04/2010 IPA Postwar Specimens Reduced numbers of language samples.
#265 26/04/2010 Some Topical Pronunciations Eyjafjallajökull, mephedrone and politician-speak.
#264 25/04/2010 IPA Specimens tween the Wars Afrikaans to Zulu miscellany.
#263 21/04/2010 Pre-fortis Whatsitsnames Shortened vowels before sharp consonants.
#262 19/04/2010 Specimens Agen The IPA's poor choice of a spoken prose passage.
#261 16/04/2010 More on Specimens More choices for other purposes.
#260 13/04/2010 Not Really a Mis-Hearing /`aʊə soʊlz/ smoothed to /`ɑːsoʊlz/ redolent of indelicacy.
#259 11/04/2010 IPA Specimens Sweet's 1877 choice of Aesop fable still in used by IPA.
#258 05/04/2010 Beniowski (ii) An independent observer between Walker and Sweet.
#257 31/03/2010 Major Beniowski (i) Polish resident before 1845 on educated London speech.
#256 27/03/2010 H C Wyld and Daniel Jones Sweet’s great pupil respected by Jones.
#255 23/03/2010 More on Restaurant What recordings show.
#254 21/03/2010 Pronunciations of RESTAURANT What transcriptions dictionaries give.
#253 15/03/2010 Certainly no chicken Choices of pitch values for the climactic word.
#252 12/03/2010 Pronunciation for Opera Singers Advice to teachers of opera & lieder singers.
#251 16/02/2010 Death Reports Exaggerated (iii) A list of 200 words current with the /ʊə/ diphthong.
#250 13/02/2010 Death Reports Exaggerated (ii) Problems of dating changes.
#249 12/02/2010 Death Reports Exaggerated (i) The diphthong [ɪə] is tending to be replaced by [ɪː].
#248 08/02/2010 A Notational Heresy A change of notation for the price diphthong deplored.
#247 25/01/2010 How do you say it? Tim Bowyer’s useful talking dictionary Howjsay.
#246 18/01/2010 Pronunciations by ANTONIA FRASER Traditional and modern GB items by Lady Fraser.
#245 13/01/2010 A Decade of OED3 Pronunciations A mixed welcome to new OED entries.
#244 11/01/2010 Elision of Yod (ii) reunion, prev·ously, invar·ably, ser·ously, areas etc.
#243 07/01/2010 Elision of Yod (i) Eg carriage, marriage, foliage, parliament, hurrying.
#242 06/01/2010 Irrational Spellings of Names Ones like Althorp now accepted to be sed as spelt.
#241 25/12/2009 Current Wyn Dropping
#240 23/12/2009 Historical Wyn Dropping
#239 16/12/2009 Syllabic Plosives a Yes-Yes Various examples offered.
#238 14/12/2009 A Reply re Certain Contractions Examples of spontaneous speech are difficult to find.
#237 11/12/2009 Elisions? Lor'! Numerous examples of elided consonants offered.
#236 06/12/2009 Apostrophes and Contractions Their use displays much irregularity.
#235 04/12/2009 The Prons of CINEMA and CHICKEN In GB /`sɪnəmɑ/ is uncommon & /`ʧɪkən/ even more so.
#234 02/12/2009 Eva Sivertsen 1922 - 2009 One of Norway’s most distinguished linguisticians.
#233 01/12/2009 Authors' Use of Contracted Spellings She uses too many that’re uncontracted.
#232 29/11/2009 The Sound and Spelling of 'IRON' Grapho-phonemic discrepancy due to metathesis.
#231 22/11/2009 Certain American Pronunciations Especially Californian /i/ for /ɪ/ in -ing.
#230 19/11/2009 Syllabic etc l's and Anaptyctic schwas Versions apparently perceived as more correct.
#229 18/11/2009 The Pronunciation of Enhance Many of us have in effect kept an older ash vowel.
#228 16/11/2009 Times Spelling Bee Pronunciations Entertaining ingenious spelling games.
#227 12/11/2009 STANLEY ELLIS 1926 - 2009 A British phonetician more widely known than any.
#226 08/11/2009 Pronunciations of Spouse and SPOUSES Apparently relatively recently changed pronunciation.
#225 10/10/2009 The Future of English Spelling (ii) Computer spelling checkers make reform less likely.
#224 09/10/2009 The Future of English Spelling (i) Wholesale reform wd produce chaos.
#223 08/10/2009 More Accentual Puzzlements Accenting contrasts overrides usual stressings.
#222 07/10/2009 Idiosyncrasy or Tongue Slip? Dont count any pronunciation on·y he·rd once.
#221 06/10/2009 Accentual Puzzlement
#220 05/10/2009 IDA CAROLINE WARD
#219 04/10/2009 Intonation We had a marv'lous time Can be accented on marv·lous or time.
#218 01/10/2009 Intonation Dont walk on the grass Various prosodies possible.
#217 27/09/2009 WRONG one or wrong ONE? Can accenting such a ‘one’ constitute an idiom?
#216 18/09/2009 SCEP 2009 Transcription (iii) Model /ɪnˈterəˈgeɪʃn ɪn ˎwᴧndəlӕnd/
#215 17/09/2009 Arthur LLOYD JAMES Outstanding phonetician with very sad end.
#214 15/09/2009 He IS a dark horse Rather idiomatic expression.
#213 14/09/2009 SCEP 2009 Transcription (iii) Inˈterroˈgation in ˎWonderland
#212 13/09/2009 Melodic Mistakes in EFL Speech John Maidment on EFL intonations.
#211 12/09/2009 Pronouncing the Definite Article Was it /ðɜː/ pronunciation?
#210 11/09/2009 SCEP2009 Transcription (ii) Model NB A wet blanket is a 'dispiriting' person.
#209 10/09/2009 C T ONIONS and OED Phonetics Much admired OED editor..
#208 05/09/2009 SCEP 2009 Transcription (ii) Wet Travelling Rug/Blanket
#207 04/09/2009 SCEP 09 Transcription (i) Model Model version.
#206 31/08/2009 SCEP 2009 Transcriptions (i) The New Motorcar
#205 28/08/2009 J. A. Afzelius and Daniel Jones DJ not very thrilled by his dictionary.
#204 07/08/2009 Another Exercise - Model A transcription supplied by a reader.
#203 06/08/2009 Another Exercise etc A ˈQuestion of ˎTemperature
#202 05/08/2009 Transcriptionn Exercise Model Will the pun on 'subordinate clause' be noticed?
#201 04/08/2009 A Transcription Exercise
#200 26/07/2009 Swine-flu, Algorithm and Dives
#199 07/07/2009 Swift Linguistic Changes How soon one English expression displaces another.
#198 28/06/2009 Compound or Phrase? Chaos whether word combinations are one or another.
#197 25/06/2009 Orthoepic Jibery Cautions against unjustified criticisms of speakers.
#196 17/06/2009 Which Tone? Reader tripped up by need for obsolete prosody.
#195 16/06/2009 Mousavi and the like English cavalier treatment of forren wurds stresses.
#194 14/06/2009 Alexander John Ellis The great ‘pioneer of scientific phonetics in England’.
#193 13/06/2009 Flapped /r/ Flapped r's were ‘[veɾi]’ usual in early 20th century GB.
#192 12/06/2009 To Stress or Not to Stress Good question. Simple ans·er: Stress not essential
#191 09/06/2009 Accented or Not Accented? In “`I’ll do ˏthat” the “I’ll” has ‘animation’ stress.
#190 06/06/2009 TIANANMEN and GOVERNMENT Two words with an internal /n/ normally omitted.
#189 03/06/2009 How Important is Intonation? Le·rners may worry too much about pitch patterns.
#188 26/05/2009 Euphonic Pronunciations
#187 22/05/2009 Accents and a French loanword
#186 21/05/2009 Provenance of the Happy Vowel Not satisfactorily described by Wells and Trudgill.
#185 14/05/2009 Accentuation of Polysyllables Tug o’war tw front & later stressing of polysyllables.
#184 12/05/2009 English or Italian? Mozart's faevr·t singer Nancy Storace was /sto`raːʧe/.
#183 11/05/2009 Aspiration Revisited More examples of aspiration or none.
#182 09/05/2009 A Dog of a Stressing Problem The oddity of the stressing ˈeye `teeth.
#181 07/05/2009 Aspiration Again Miscellaneous examples of irregular aspirations.
#180 05/05/2009 Aspiration in Dictionaries /sp,st,sk/ shown as co-syllabic in latter practice.
#179 02/05/2009 American Pronunciations' Origins (iii)
#178 25/04/2009 American Pronunciations' Origins (ii)
#177 24/04/2009 American Pronunciations' Origins (i) 18th century stressings cf present GA & GB.
#176 16/04/2009 Hot Cross Buns Discussion of somewhat puzzling stressing.
#175 14/04/2009 Open-Central Vowel Symbol? IPA rejected recognition of A for such use. Heigh ho!
#174 10/04/2009 The Elephant in the Room On the pronunciation of words like obstruent.
#173 07/04/2009 Spelling Reform Experiments English spelling matters.
#172 05/04/2009 Handwriting, Spellings and Sounds Historic English spelling topics.
#171 04/04/2009 Analytical issues Questions Wells suggestion no plosives are syllabic.
#170 30/03/2009 Some British/American contrasts Numerous elucidations for non-American readers.
#169 26/03/2009 ROACH 2009 4th ed of English Phonetics & Phonology welcomed.
#168 24/03/2009 Secondary Stress Marks Marking of stresses in words not phonetically spelt.
#167 18/03/2009 John WALKER His pronouncing dictionary revered for over a century.
#166 07/03/2009 NAOMI, CANAAN and SINAI Differently strest in GB and GA.
#165 06/03/2009 HAROLD PALMER b 6 Mar 1877 An original and prolific writer on phonetic matters.
#164 05/03/2009 Neutralisation, ISRAEL, UTOPIA Besides ‘happy’ vowel why not ‘thankyou’ vowel?.
#163 01/03/2009 ALEXANDER MELVILLE BELL An important phonetic pioneer.
#162 25/02/2009 Linguistic Suggestionisms Sounds of nature suggesting 'words' etc.
#161 23/02/2009 Worst-Ever Book-title Translation Meaning The Swiss Family Robinson.
#160 07/02/2009 Sir J A H Murray Respomsible for more of OED1 than anyone else.
#159 05/02/2009 Elision of /d/ Again. Example /ə ˈkaɪnli ˈoul ˎman/ A kindly old man.
#158 03/02/2009 Elision of /d/ Hands up if U think the /d/ may be dropt in hands.
#157 02/02/2009 Theocracy and Democracy Stressings of the 'unstressable'.
#156 27/01/2009 ROBERT BURCHFIELD Lexicographer One of the greatest contributors to the OED.
#155 26/01/2009 An Intonational Misnomer? "Beats me", pacē Jn Wells, can take various tones.
#154 25/01/2009 ROBERT BURNS born 25 Jan 1759
#153 24/01/2009 Grapho-Phonemic Mis-Co·ordinations
#152 23/01/2009 Intonational Idioms? Items where I don’t “hear ear to ear” with John Wells.
#151 21/01/2009 The Ambiguity of "ch" machismo, machine,chiropody, bruschetta, chutzpa.
#150 18/01/2009 Some Suffixes and Compressions Variable suffixes and rule-breaking sequences.
#149 15/01/2009 A Good (Y)EAR for Pronunciations Different pronunciations of 'year'.
#148 07/01/2009 JOBS and "English English" Remarks on unsafe assumptions made by John Wells.
#147 06/01/2009 A Case of Pronunciational Variability Variation over time and with changing companions.
#146 04/01/2009 ISAAC PITMAN Inventor of a shorthand who ended with a knighthood.
#145 29/12/2008 Vanisht t's and r's stanza, influenza, p·erscription, p·erogative etc.
#144 13/12/2008 'Important' aspects of the GB accent The common denominator accent of Great Britain.
#143 12/12/2008 Pronunciation Lexicography Problems creche, creme, crepe;fete, suede and tete-a-tete.
#142 09/12/2008 RUMBUSTIOUS and such words Words ending -tious and -tuous.
#141 03/12/2008 BOLIVAR When does an anglicized stress become acceptable?
#140 01/12/2008 Royalese Revisited With achievement as /ə`ʧiːmənt/ & doing as /`də.ɪŋ/.
#139 25/11/2008 Royal Speech Slightly out-of-the-ordinary articulations discussed.
#138 10/11/2008 Banking Words Pronunciational American influences on GB.
#137 14/10/2008 Italian Words by English-Speakers Misreading by your bloggist but praps of interest.
#136 30/09/2008 A Very Valuable Website Visual & auditory aids for studying English phonetics.
#135 29/09/2008 Lilias Armstrong b 29 Sept 1882 ‘One of the finest phoneticians in the world’.
#134 22/09/2008 English Phonetics Practicals (iv) Examples of practice sentences for accentuation etc.
#133 21/09/2008 English Phonetics Practical (iii) The contents of 'intonation' sessions.
#132 20/09/2008 English Phonetics Practicals (ii) 'Hard to please' a passage for reading aloud.
#131 14/09/2008 English Phonetics Practicals (i) Description of their constituents.
#130 12/09/2008 Daniel Jones b 12th Sept 1881 A sample of his speaking with transcription.
#129 09/09/2008 The Rigidity of English Spelling Wells lecture sez 'free it up' eg drop apostrophes.
#128 08/09/2008 Unorthodox Derived Forms Eg Aberdonian, Fitzrovia, Pharaonic & tobacconist.
#127 06/09/2008 More Wells Coinages Too many to quote, a few not as new as he thaut.
#126 03/09/2008 Georgeayna's Cavendish patois How an historic Duchess of Devonshire sed her name.
#125 01/09/2008 What to Excuse JnWells on his students’ transcriptions of a dictation.
#124 31/08/2008 Canutism My word for giving orders that’ll never be obeyed.
#123 28/08/2008 Rhoticity etc A very useful term first employed by John Wells.
#122 09/08/2008 Another Dialogue Transcribed (ii) Freddy the dog again
#121 08/08/2008 Another Dialogue Transcribed (i) A New Dog
#120 02/08/2008 Transcription Exercises continued /ˈɪnsəˈbɔdnət ˎklɔz/
#119 30/07/2008 Transcription for EFL/EAL Insubordinate Claws
#118 24/07/2008 Tsvangirai, the mystery thickens Different authorities and diverse opinions.
#117 22/07/2008 Intonation; Papal Linguistic Fallibility An ans·er to Wells query; Pope mis-stresses desert.
#116 21/07/2008 Tsvangirai again Recording of him heard with it as [ʧaŋgɪ`raɪ].
#115 18/07/2008 A Wales Placename again and [ɬ] Lantwit Major village named after a Saint Twit.
#114 15/07/2008 General British Pronunciation Writer’s suggestion of the term 35 years late.
#113 09/07/2008 LPD3 Pronunciation dictionary of English now best ever.
#112 08/07/2008 Intonation Universals Falling, rising and level tones have broad meanings.
#111 07/07/2008 Aitch Dropping and Restoring See Blog 335.
#110 04/07/2008 One Way Pronunciations can Change First Pur`cell now Mar`vell; A Wellsian note.
#109 02/07/2008 Word Accentual Notation The tonetic symbol /`/ best shows word accents.
#108 01/07/2008 CRUTTENDEN'S GIMSON Review of 7th edition of this matchless book.
#107 30/06/2008 Amphibrachicising Speakers’ false amphibrachs saying forren words.
#106 29/06/2008 Welsh double l from the BBC New variant value for ‘ll’ unnoticed at Welsh BBC.
#105 16/06/2008 Sub-varieties of GB aka "RP" RC & Fettes speech? Wells ‘tongue-in-cheek’ on RP.
#104 15/06/2008 Welsh Placenames' Pronunciations Welsh radio staff publish remarkable maps.
#103 12/06/2008 Spot the Mistake and Posho speech Examinees paps not wrong. Stupid newspaper remark.
#102 11/06/2008 Spelling Reform - Feasible or Futile? English spelling reform:possible but unachievable.
#101 10/06/2008 KENNETH L. PIKE A great American phonetician; /əs/ to /ᴧs/etc.
#100 07/06/2008 A C GIMSON born 7 June 1917 Reminiscences of Gim with example of his speech.
#099 30/05/2008 Pronunciations of SOME, CAN'T etc Some is often /sm/ and can’t often /kɑn/.
#098 27/05/2008 MARRIED but HAPPY /-i/ It seems that in married /i/ is gaining on /ɪ/.
#097 22/05/2008 Divorce and Settee etc Not /di-/but /dɪ-/or /də-/ in divorce. Settee is /se`ti/.
#096 21/05/2008 Contextual Variation etc Assimilations, elisions and compressions.
#095 19/05/2008 Changing Usages It can be startling how quickly they occcur. Examples.
#094 17/05/2008 Public Address on a Train High preheads not worth having.
#093 15/05/2008 Studying Varieties of English GA or GB?
#092 13/05/2008 Vowels in the Three Pron. Dicts Controversial article.
#091 03/05/2008 Hello! Again Speculations on the term’s origin.
#090 17/04/2008 Apostrophes in Contractions See Blog 236.
#089 14/04/2008 Unsound Advice on Sounds Dodgy offers of tricky pronunciations.
#088 11/04/2008 Humming and Hahring The sounds of hesitation.
#087 08/04/2008 A Nut Case From Pinter’s The Caretaker.
#086 07/04/2008 Interrogation in Wonderland Alice’s reply to the Caterpillar.
#085 06/04/2008 Names in the News Zimbabwean Tsvangirai.
#084 04/04/2008 Angry Young Glutton From the play Look Back in Anger.
#083 03/04/2008 The Collector Your pronounced /jə/ here an angrily hasty weakform.
#082 01/04/2008 Harold the Unready Ex`asperate's tonic vowel can be /ɑ/ or /a/.
#081 30/03/2008 Stampede for Salvation Unusual but effective tone on woman.
#080 28/03/2008 A New Edition of LPD Newly with al Qaeda, Aung San Suu Kyi & sudoku.
#079 27/03/2008 HENRY CECIL WYLD A remakable scholar tho a dre·dful snob.
#078 26/03/2008 London Transport From a Pinter play.
#077 25/03/2008 A Few Brief Notes Note reduction of 'veterinary'.
#076 23/03/2008 Problem Guest For goodness sake takes an irregular genitive form.
#075 22/03/2008 Reigning Cats and Dogs This title puns on 'It’s raining cats and dogs'.
#074 21/03/2008 Churchill and Shaw Conversational duelling.
#073 20/03/2008 Corny Jokes 2 A suggestionn that flies are red meat.
#072 19/03/2008 Corny Jokes 1 Suggests the clumsy weakform / jə / ie 'you'.
#071 18/03/2008 Remarks 4 On tonal functions and some ambiguities.
#070 17/03/2008 Remarks 3 On intonations in "Remarks" 3, 5 & 6 of PS.
#069 16/03/2008 Remarks 2 Continuing on intonations in PS (People Speaking) 1.
#068 15/03/2008 Remarks 1 Intonations illustrated in my book People Speaking
#067 14/03/2008 Mixed bags and box sets Or boxed sets?
#066 13/03/2008 A Mix Bag Borrowing’s various reductions.
#065 04/03/2008 People's Pronunciations Confusion of adjacent nasal consonants.
#064 22/02/2008 Welsh Placenames into GB Anglicizations that names receive in South Wales.
#063 21/02/2008 Accentuation Matters (ii) What's the `bleeding time: joke-ruining accentuation.
#062 21/02/2008 Accentuation Matters (i) How far we do/dont re-accent re-occurrences.
#061 20/01/2008 John Laver 70th birthday greetings to a great British phonetician.
#060 14/01/2008 Pronunciations at the BBC Still many out of date versions advocated.
#059 08/01/2008 OBG Again Beijing, raj, Gengis Kahn & Gaelic names.
#058 06/01/2008 Old Lang Zyne Scots version in phonetic transcription.
#057 30/12/2007 The Year Two Thousand and DATE Misplaced zeal for clarity of speech.
#056 26/12/2007 Linguisms Graham Pointon and his blog of that name.
#055 19/12/2007 DAVID ABERCROMBIE born 19th Dec 1909 His popular memorial lecture on Daniel Jones.
#054 14/12/2007 Chewing over Liquorice again Many more examples of final -sh for-s.
#053 11/12/2007 Why has Lickerish replaced Liquorice? A complicated etymology.
#052 04/12/2007 Anniversary of the Death of Daniel Jones Personal recollections of him.
#051 30/11/2007 The Pron. of a Shakespearian Name etc Doll Tearsheet as /ˈdɒl `tɪəʃiːt/ loses nauty joke.
#050 28/11/2007 Some Caribbean Word-Stressings Many West Indians say cha`racter & ca`lendar.
#049 25/11/2007 Prime Ministerial Pronunciations A defence of (most of) Gordon Brown’s usages.
#048 20/09/2007 The Pronunciation of Liege etc The widespre·d use of /ʒ/ inste·d of /ʤ/.
#047 28/08/2007 Spelling Reform English spelling matters (or does it?)
#046 10/08/2007 Transcription from People Speaking No.1 Odd remarks.
#045 26/07/2007 Bowser and Rowling /`baʊzə/ and /`rəʊlɪŋ/.
#044 25/07/2007 Transcription Exercise 3 Model Britain is rainy.
#043 24/07/2007 Transcription Exercise 3 Conservative change if begun with capital letter.
#042 23/07/2007 The LPD Pron Pref Survey 2007 (x) applicable, kilometer, mischievous & necessarily.
#041 22/07/2007 Transcription Excercise 2 Solution
#040 20/07/2007 The LPD Pron Pref Survey 2007 (ix) yours, -less & moderate.
#039 14/07/2007 The LPD Pron Pref Survey 2007 (viii) during, European & poor.
#038 12/07/2007 OH! and Allegedly Unstressable Schwa! [əʊ] or [oʊ] and the alleged unstressability of schwa.
#037 01/07/2007 Twenty Questions The medial /t/ in twenty, gonna, wanna.
#036 29/06/2007 Transcription Excercise 1 Keeping up with the Joneses, as they say
#035 28/06/2007 The LPD Pron Pref Survey 2007 (vii) /eɪʃə/ versus /eɪʒə/ & /tjuːn/ versus /ʧuːn/.
#034 26/06/2007 The LPD Pron Pref Survey 2007 (vi) via as /`vaɪə/ or /`viːə/.
#033 24/06/2007 The LPD Pron Pref Survey 2007 (v) electoral, impious, mandatory, inventory, comparable.
#032 17/06/2007 Animation Stresses `That’s ˏcurious.
#031 15/06/2007 The LPD Pron Pref Survey 2007 (iv) lamentable, homosexual & homogeneous.
#030 14/06/2007 The LPD Pron Pref Survey 2007 (iii) egotist, hurricane & protester.
#029 12/06/2007 Compression Anomalies The compression of [i, u] to [j, w] barred?
#028 04/06/2007 Questions of Intonation Confusion misinterpreting ‘animation’ stresses.
#027 28/05/2007 The LPD Pron Pref Survey 2007 (ii) Problems with words guessed about unsuccessfully.
#026 24/05/2007 The LPD Pron Pref Survey 2007 (i) dissect, adult, debris, tinnitus, contribute, etc.
#025 15/04/2007 Another Mystifying Pronunciation American pronunciations of lilac cause puzzlement.
#024 26/03/2007 Spelling versus pronunciation Problems with saying Tsvangirai.
#023 09/03/2007 TrainTimes Intoned Intonations of ‘the 14.42 to Woking’.
#022 26/02/2007 The Gettysburg address Stressing “of the people, by the people, for the people”.
#021 23/02/2007 W.H.Auden Again Giving his consciously Americanised pronunciations.
#020 21/02/2007 W.H.Auden Transcription of his poem The Unknown Citizen.
#019 10/02/2007 Oxfd BBC Guide to Pronunciation Agen Criticisms of it by John Wells.
#018 08/02/2007 Mystifying Phonetic Developments Cholmondeley & Featherstonehaugh demystified.
#017 07/02/2007 Long Ears of Observing Speech A point I made that triggered a Wells blog posting.
#016 02/02/2007 Prefixes ending in -i Proposed change problematic.
#015 31/01/2007 The Pronunciation of Murcia LPD gives /ɜː/. Oxford BBC Guide only /ʊə/.
#014 19/01/2007 Accentual and Tonetic Matters On the ‘accentability’ of the second syllable of sorry.
#013 14/01/2007 Questions Regarding Question /`kweʃʃn/ Not now a reprehensible pronunciation.
#012 12/01/2007 Weakform Matters wfms of then, in, on, or, said, so, you, your, you're.
#011 03/01/2007 HappYland Revisited etc On the hist·ry of the final vowel of happy etc.
#010 01/01/2007 Happy New Year etc How to pronounce ‘and’ in 2007.
#009 28/12/2006 An Un-Empty Word and Linguistic Slumming Intonation of phrases how’s things etc.
#008 26/12/2006 The Queen's English Again Does she sound old-fashioned, posh etc?
#007 20/12/2006 Tone Symbols and Tone Idioms Which tones are used saying Whoops?
#006 04/12/2006 The Queen's English's Development
#005 18/11/2006 IPA Symbols and Re-spellings in OBG
#004 12/11/2006 The Bleck Hendbeg Problem English /æ/ sound made /e/ by some learners.
#003 10/11/2006 The Pronunciation of ESCHEW
#002 08/11/2006 The HAPPY (final) vowel
#001 01/11/2006 English Dental Fricative Fronting.